State Fair Entries

Hey, guys!

Got a quick prayer request to put out here.

So, yesterday I dropped off three of my recently taken pictures at the Evergreen State Fair to be judged and maybe win something. I haven’t done all that well in recent contests, so I’m not setting my hopes too high. But this is with my new camera… and I really think these were good shots, so I have a chance at something here.

Here are the three that I entered, along with their titles:

Boats are just so cool.

Sailing at Bowman Bay



The Pier To Nowhere


Through The Grapevines

Through The Grapevines

So, prayers that these little guys do well are appreciated. 🙂

The fair is in about a month, so I’ll update on how they do as soon as I find out.




20 responses to “State Fair Entries

  1. I will most certainly pray for you, and I know you’ll do great. *hugs*
    And the photos are stunning and beautiful. =)

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